Key Features of the Charlotte Mason Method

Living Books

Living books are vital to a Charlotte Mason education. Books, chosen with the utmost care and precision, and written in such a way so as to capture the imaginations of the children. These books, written in an engaging, narrative style, speak to the soul of the child, providing food and nourishment for the mind.

Living Ideas

Charlotte Mason education children are surrounded by living ideas whether it be through books, time in nature, listening to music, or studying the great artists. These ideas are what spark passion in a children, and excite them to take their education further. Facts alone are not enough to educate a child.


After each lesson’s reading of the text the children tell back what they have heard. This is called narration and is a distinctive attribute of a Charlotte Mason education. This is where the children’s minds begin to do the work of their education.

Short Lessons

Lessons are just the right length to keep the students’ minds sharp and focused. The practice of short lessons helps develop the habit of attention and allows for a full and varied education.

Nature Study

Children get their first ideas from nature and are encouraged to watch, record, and enjoy the changes they see in the natural world year in and year out. Much time is spent in the outdoors where the students hone their observation skills, and learn to appreciate the wonder and beauty of God’s creation first hand.

Wide Curriculum

In a Charlotte Mason education we are educating the whole child—mind, body, and spirit. The curriculum is full and varied, allowing the students to form relationships with all manner of living ideas. All subjects, be it art, mathematics, science, or music are equally valuable to the development of the children.

What to Expect from Charlotte Mason Beehive

An Authentic Charlotte Mason Education

Untold hours have been spent studying Charlotte Mason’s work, and the workings of the Parents’ National Education Union, in order to develop a full-bodied and authentic programme of work suitable for children of the twenty-first century.

Up to Date Lesson Books

We recognise the need for our students to be put in touch with quality living books, and also deserve to be presented with current information. We have therefore made careful edits and additions to many of our lesson books, whilst fully maintaining the spirit and style of the original.

A Christian World View

Like Charlotte Mason herself, we hold to a Judeo-Christian world view and are committed to delivering an education steeped in the truths of the Gospel.

Products Made with Love

We love what we do and are passionate about all our products. You can rest in the assurance that all content has come from the heart; and is of the highest quality. We wouldn’t sell anything unworthy of our own children’s education.

Picture Book Companions

Unique to our brand is the Pictures for a Living Education series of companions which accompany many of our lesson books. Designed to enhance your students’ learning, the books are made up of dozens of high quality glossy pictures, photographs, and maps.

Detailed Lesson Plans

Our lesson plans contain everything needed to successfully deliver a living education in your home. With features, such as detailed teacher’s guides; step by step lesson plans; supply lists; copy work passages; exam questions; and much more, you’ll spend less time on lesson planning and more time on the things you love.

Regular New Content

continually working on new products, and ways to better serve our growing customer base. New resources are released on a regular basis ensuring that our content remains fresh and up to date, and continues to serve the needs of our students and their parents.

Print on Demand

To accommodate the growing number of international consumers who purchase our products we now run a worldwide print on demand service. Lower international shipping rates and no more out of stock notices are just a few of the benefits this new operation affords us.

Lower Shipping Rates

In order to offer the print versions of our products worldwide we now dispatch our international orders directly from the printers. As a result, the shipping costs incurred are, in many cases, less than half what you may have been required to pay on our U.K. site.

An Exclusive Loyalty Scheme

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