The Counties of England, by Charlotte M. Mason (Digital Download)


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First published in 1881, Charlotte Mason’s third geography book takes the reader on a journey through Victorian England county by county, with a narrative enriched by a mixture of fact, folk lore, and quintessential English poetry.

Transcribed by Rachel North, a home educating mother of two, this carefully curated modern edition of The Counties of England includes a brand new introduction providing further information on how the book was used by Charlotte Mason in the programmes sent out to home schoolrooms across the nation and Empire.

It is our hope that others may find it an enjoyable and useful addition to the resources available for Charlotte Mason educators, whether it be read for pleasure or for school.

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This edition of The Counties of England is a brand new transcription of Charlotte M. Mason’s third geographical reader, first published in 1881. Now updated to include a special introduction with information on Scheduling, Mapwork, Map Questions, Reading, Narration, Rotation Charts, and Additional Resources, it is hoped that you find this new transcription useful, whether you choose to read it for school or for pleasure.

From the 1881 preface:

“The following chapters are an attempt to make the landscape, industries, and associations of the several counties familiar conceptions to children; as it appears to the writer that the only way in which England can be practically known is, county by county. Certainly no other mode of treatment is equally interesting,—so curiously individual in its aspect, history, and employments is each of the forty shires.

The geography of England embraces such various knowledge, that it appears to be a subject better suited to the intelligence of children of ten and eleven, than to that of the younger children in Standard III. Still, as the language of this book is easy with a view to promote fluent reading, teachers who preferred to use it for Standard III. would not find the reading lessons to present any difficulty. An effort is made to awaken intelligent interest in the chief crafts by which English people live.”

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New Introduction with further information on how to use the book in your homeschool.


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