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Wildlife in Woods and Fields is the first book in a much-loved and delightful series of natural history lessons for children, first published in the late nineteenth century by Arabella Buckley. The narrative follows the seasonal exploits of friends Peter, Peggy, and Paul as they navigate the wonders of the natural world, making discoveries and building relationships with the flowers and animals through first-hand observation. In this book the three friends learn about spiders, moles, cats, ants, woodpeckers, spring flowers, and so much more.

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Short chapters, simple language, and a narrative interwoven within the settings of a story makes Wildlife in Woods and Fields a popular natural history lesson text for home educating parents and students the world over, particularly among those using a Charlotte Mason educational philosophy in their homes. This new edition has been lightly edited to bring it up to date for students of the twenty-first century.

As an aid to accompany the text, we highly recommend Natural History Pictures for a Living Education: Wildlife in Woods and Fields, a compilation of photographs exclusively arranged for use alongside the book. Footnotes are littered throughout Wildlife in Woods and Fields, indicating when a picture is available to supplement the text.

Natural History Pictures for a Living Education is a unique picture book series which aims to enhance students’ learning and arouse interest in the wonders and phenomena of the natural world, as read about in their natural history lesson books. Orchestrated to enliven and enhance the quest for natural knowledge in the home schoolroom, Natural History Pictures for a Living Education: Wildlife in Woods and Fields features over eighty photographs and illustrations of wildlife; flora and fauna; spiders; birds; and much more.

Arranged primarily—but not exclusively—for home educators using the Charlotte Mason philosophy of education, this book is intended to be used alongside the reading of Wildlife in Woods and Fields, by Arabella Buckley, as published by Charlotte Mason Beehive. All pictures are related to the narrative of the Form I Natural History reader and footnotes are littered throughout the lesson book text to highlight when a particular image is available to enhance the lesson.

Brought to you exclusively by Charlotte Mason Beehive, Natural History Pictures for a Living Education is an off-shoot from History Pictures for a Living Education, a series designed to bring history to life for students and young people studying the events of the past, which itself is based off Black’s History Pictures, a series published by A. & C. Black in the early twentieth century and recommended by Miss Charlotte Mason of the P.N.E.U. (Parents’ National Educational Union).

Printed on 200 gsm glossy paper, the series is spiral bound for ease of use, and all pictures are clearly labelled.

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Paperback, Spiral Bound

Wildlife in Woods and Fields Page count

47 pages

Natural History Pictures Page count

40 pages

Wildlife in Woods and Fields Print Product Size

A5 (5.83 x 8.27 in. / 148 x 210 mm)

Natural History Pictures Print Product Size

A4 Landscape (11.69 x 8.27 in. / 29.7 x 21 cm)

Natural History Pictures Paper

200 gsm gloss

First published

September 2021


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